What’s Next?


Take the Myers Briggs Assessment
Contact me for pre-assessment instructions and log in information.
Follow the link below and take the assessment.
Taking the assessment is free, however you need to schedule a feedback session to review the results.


Pay for your Feedback Package
There is a $365 investment for your feedback session after taking the assessment.*
Payment is easy! Just follow the link below.


Schedule your Feedback Coaching Session
Contact me to schedule your session

*It will take us about 90 minutes to complete your feedback session. We will explore who you are and how you can best use your inborn preferences to navigate through life and get the results you want. You will receive an in-depth report that describes the best methods for understanding where you get your energy, what information you trust and how you relate to others. Just to be sure that you are on the right track, we will also schedule a follow up session which is up to 30 minutes, because this is a lot of information to digest in one sitting.