A Look Inside




Valari Jackson created Fierce Focus Strategies to provide innovative and insightful learning opportunities for business owners in her community. with a now global reach, she has been recognized for her dynamic and engaging presentation style as well as the delivery of content-rich curriculum. She is a sought after consultant and has been a featured contributor in industry periodicals.

As a speaker, Valari engages the audience quickly and creates an environment where each attendee feels as though they are having a one-on-one conversation with her.

Having a private coaching conversation with Valari is a profoundly inspiring experience. Through her natural gift to engage in introspective conversation and her finite energy she is able to dig deeply and compel her clients to achieve at their highest levels by getting into action quickly.

Valari¬†is a life-learner. Through extensive travel and continuous educational growth she is constantly expanding her understanding of how¬†adults learn and perform. Inspiration rather than motivation is Valari’s focus and her focus is fierce indeed.